15 Wonderful Indoor Waterfall Walls

Article by Christine Chase.

Last Updated: Tuesday, Jun 2, 2020.

Indoor Waterfall Walls are an elegant addition to your home, and can completely transform a space. The sounds of falling watter can soothe the nerves and provide a bit of white noise to help improve focus. Whatever your existing decor, there’s bound to be a perfect fountain for you!

Our experts have researched the top indoor waterfall walls from the biggest retailers around. Whether it’s for your home or office, we’ve found the perfect wall fountain for you!

Our Favorites

  • Jersey Home Decor - Waterfall Wall Hanging Fountain
  • With placement versatility, this indoor wall fountain has a multitude of ways to be put into a space. Whether your looking to hang the fountain on a wall or on the floor, it will find a place in your house. If placed outside, it would fit right in near a silver-toned seating area on the floor or a nearby wall. It would bring ambient noise to your socialization space and a sense of calm. Alternatively, if you'd like a sci-fi influenced water feature inside, this could be hung as a center piece on an entry way or placed in a living room in need of a touch of running water.

  • Harmony River - Natural Stone Metal Wall Fountain with Light
  • Included river rocks can be arranged in the top of the basin, enhancing the rustic character of the fountain. With an included halogen light, you can illuminate the trickling water for a subtle yet beautiful light source. The slim design allows you to place it against a wall for a statement piece that doesn't get in the way. To use, simply plug in to an outlet, fill lower basin with water, and watch as the interior pump creates a lovely vertical water flow.

  • Whispering Creek - Waterfall Feature with Antique Bronze Trim
  • This Whispering Creek Wall Fountain measures 22" long x 46" high x 5" deep, and weighs in at 90 lbs. It's easy to hang, and comes complete with instructions and Installation DVD to ensure a perfect fit! It comes complete with halogen lighting, polished river rocks, and electric pump. There's a simple On/Off switch located on the top of the feature. This is truly one of our favorite indoor wall water fountains!

  • Breckenridge - Stainless Steel Waterfall Wall Fountain
  • Sleek and modern come to mind when you see the Breckenridge indoor fountain. The wall, standing at 42 in. H, comes in a stainless-steel finish. A mirrored face makes up the water wall itself, giving a rippling sheen as water flows down. The basin of the fountain is smooth, serving as a complement to the clean lines that make up the rest of the feature. With a heavily futuristic feel, this could very well be found in Star Trek. River stones rest in the bottom, lending a natural element to a modern design.

  • Tranquil River Natural Water Wall Fountain
  • Add tranquility to your home and peace to your life with this stunning fixture. It's made from high quality materials and features a cascading sheet of water falling peacefully on polished river rocks. It will instantly transform and tie together any room you choose to place this indoor waterfall wall in, and bring both you and your guests hours of enjoyment.

  • Alpine Corporation - Mirror Waterfall Fountain with Stones and Lights
  • Bring the beauty of nature into your home with the Alpine Corporation Mirror Indoor Waterfall Fountain. Modern interpretations of nature’s wonders give your space a clean, contemporary look while creating a relaxing ambiance. The combination of on-trend design mixed with natural stone elements gives a sleek look to your indoor or outdoor decor. Watch as water falls from the top of the mirror to the bottom basin, bringing the beauty of the outdoors to your space.

  • Serene Waters Indoor Waterfall
  • This beautiful wall fountain piece looks perfect in your living room or den, and is whisper quiet. The back-lighting means you can enjoy this at any hour of the day or night. Your friends are sure to be surprised and amazed when they see it, and you'll all come to enjoy it in your home for years to come! Pick one up and display it proudly!

  • Stone Wall Waterfall Fountain with Light
  • This indoor fountain can be used two ways: as a wall fountain, or as a tabletop water fountain. It can be placed anywhere in the home and will add an elegant accent to the living room, kitchen, dining room, hallway, bedroom, office or den. Water makes a subtle rushing sound as it flows down the face of the fountain and into the basin below where it is recirculated, accented by the hidden light in the top of the fountain.

  • Calming Waters Water Wall with Multi-Color Featherstone
  • The Calming Waters collection lives up to its name by inspiring peace and serenity to all those who encounter its beauty and elegance. This model is ideal for covering any large wall space and becoming a conversation piece. It is perfect over a fireplace, sofa, as well as behind a reception desk. It is light weight and the easy installation takes only minutes. With 7 metals to choose from, including Stainless Steel, Rustic Copper, Textured Black, Woodland Brown, Copper Vein, Silver Metallic and Antique Bronze, it is sure to match any décor in your home or business.

  • Pacifica Waters Natural Fountain Wall
  • Another fabulous entry on our list, this piece evokes the quiet serenity of a mountain stream flowing peacefully. The modern world is a chaotic mess, and a touch of natural calm in your home certainly can't hurt! This item features strong metallic lines, with natural rocks to accent the flowing water. It's perfect for your indoor spaces!

  • Make Lemonade - Indoor Rectangle Wall Fountain
  • When life gives you lemons, grab the Make Lemonade Indoor/Outdoor Wall Fountain to bring the soothing sounds of a waterfall directly into your office, or patio with the integrated benefit of a stylish design piece. This rectangle shaped wall fountain is a versatile interior decor item, making it ideal for any environment. Transform your current space into a relaxing, stress reduced paradise.

  • Jersey Home Decor - Indoor Waterfall Wall Fountain
  • The metal framework on this wall fountain is hand fabricated by skilled artisans; every cut and bend is finished to exactness. All finishes, except for Stainless Steel, are powder coated to provide protection against discoloration and aging for years of enjoyment. The three bulb halogen lighting system illuminates the beauty of the Featherstone or Shimmering Mirror as the water glimmers in the light while it cascades down to the polished river stones. Personalize your water feature with an engraving or company logo and observe how welcome customers feel in its presence. It can also have a calming effect on employees, infusing them with energy and creativity.

  • Calming Waters Metal Wall Fountain
  • The Calming Waters Indoor Collection offers the tranquility of water in motion falling over beautiful stones. Adagio water features represents the best the industry has be offer, and fits with your existing decor no matter what it is! Each one features the strong lines and elegance you'd expect, plus the tranquil sounds of water running down the natural stone wall backing the display.

  • Whispering Creek Acrylic Wall Fountain with Light
  • This beauty is perfect for your home or office! It features whisper quiet operation, tranquil sounds, and a design that's positively lovely. Just turn on the lights, flip the switch, and you'll completely transform whatever space you've decided to place it in. There are many beautiful waterfall wall fountains to choose from, but this is definitely a strong competitor!

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